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Waste Makes Waste

Contrary to the old saying, haste does not make waste. If anything, we need more haste to stop making waste. Our climate is collapsing, and we need to do something about it. Here, I share my journey of trying to reduce my waste, whilst discussing important aspects of climate change. Expect recipes, discussions, DIY’s and lots of facts.

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How About…Offsetting?

Ah yes, a word we’re all growing more familiar with. Offsetting has become a bit of a buzzword when it comes to sustainability, with more and more people, organisations and governments using it as a tactic for reaching net zero. Sounds great right? Well, this week I’ll be discussing the two sides of offsetting toContinue reading “How About…Offsetting?”

Cucumber and Mint Drink

Hello! This week, I have a simple drink recipe for you. It’s really refreshing and the majority of the ingredients are around this time of year. Mint and cucumbers can both be harvested in summer. You can also make this drink as a gin and tonic if you like. Hopefully, you’ll have some lovely warmContinue reading “Cucumber and Mint Drink”

My New Job

So, I haven’t been posting as regularly as I normally do (sorry) because I have a new job! I thought that I’d use this opportunity to explain my new job to you and let you know what I’m getting up to. Who am I working for? I’m doing an internship with a company called Project:Continue reading “My New Job”

DIY Air freshener

Have you ever wondered whether you can make your own air freshener? Well the answer is, yes you can. Air fresheners are one source of plastic that we often ignore – if you only buy a few a year it won’t make much difference will it? Well unfortunately it is part of the 8 millionContinue reading “DIY Air freshener”


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