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Waste Makes Waste

Contrary to the old saying, haste does not make waste. If anything, we need more haste to stop making waste. Our climate is collapsing, and we need to do something about it. Here, I share my journey of trying to reduce my waste, whilst discussing important aspects of climate change. Expect recipes, discussions, DIY’s and lots of facts.

Latest Posts

Little Things & Big Things

Welcome to the new series on this blog – Little Things & Big Things. When I talked about coming back to the blog (Hello again), I talked about how my perspective has changed in the past year, with more of a focus on the ‘big’ parts of sustainability net zero, including more system change. In…

Hello again!

Hello – extremely long time, no see! Apologies for being gone for a pretty long time – it has been just under 10 months since I last did a blog post, and since then I’ve sporadically used my Instagram page. The main reason for this is that I have been very busy, and just keeping…

Having therapy for climate anxiety

Well, that sounds like a cheerful subject doesn’t it? Sadly, climate anxiety is becoming more and more common, particularly in young people. I’ve spoken about climate anxiety before, but having been having therapy for the past couple of months, I wanted to talk about my experience of being treated for it. To clarify, I am…

Don’t Look Up – the Parallels to the Climate Crisis

SPOILERS AHEAD ‘We really had it all didn’t we’ This is the most poignant line of Don’t Look Up to me, as Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence and their families are struck by the comet. This line has stuck with me since I watched the film. What really struck me about Don’t Look Up is what…


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